Monday, July 26, 2010

Buy a book for a great cause!

This post is from Jay Hartman, Editor-In-Chief of
Untreed Reads Publishing. Unfortunately, I didn't see the original post, but I did see Jenna Byrnes' post and had to pass this along. I know Rie through Noble Romance and from seeing her on some of the yahoo groups. She's an amazing writer and just plain good people, so please, read on. I think this is a very worthy cause and I'm sure you'll agree!



Rie McGaha is well-known in the ebook world as a writer of many romance novels through Noble Romance Publishing. In May, she decided she wanted to branch out into new territory with a fantasy novel. We loved the idea and signed Rie on for A Winter's Night: Volume I.

Through the process of editing, proofreading and all the things that go into the release of a work, we discovered so much more about Rie. She had raised a huge family, had a lot of grandchildren, had been a homeschool teacher and had lived a really good life on a big plot of land in Oklahoma. The neighbors didn't necessarily approve of what she wrote, but that was ok by her.

As we neared the original release date of this work back in late June, we received horrible news. While out visiting her family, Rie's entire house burned to the ground. Absolutely NOTHING was left. Fortunately, nobody was home. However, Rie lost everything she ever owned in the fire. The insurance company has yet to come through, and precious things like family photos just can't be replaced.

The crew here felt horrible for Rie, and decided we would do whatever we could to help. Designer Dara England donated the cover. We're also happy to announce that through December 31st, 2010 ALL royalties earned on sales of A Winter's Night: Volume I will be given to Rie to help rebuild her life. We hope that this will help her to be able to start anew.

The Blurb:

Four sisters discover that they are born into a line of women with powers to control the Elements. Plucked from their normal college lives and thrust into a battle to save the Earth, can they defeat the evil Montatre?

Rie is also offering a free copy of Ghosts of Valentines Past to anyone who purchases A Winter's Night. Details can be found at her website at .

A Winter's Night: Volume I ($2.99) is available through The Store, at Amazon for the Kindle, Smashwords and at most of the retailers listed on the right side of our website.

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