Friday, April 15, 2011

April's Newsletter, available now!

Author Jude Mason's April 2011 Edition
What Jude's Been up to:

Spring is nearly here! Whoo hooo! It's warmer, the threat of snow is pretty much history and I can get back to walking regularly. Yes! Life is indeed good. Well, mostly. LOL

I'm slowly getting my Phaze stories/books out again. There was a call out with TEB and I was asked if I'd like to send something in for it. I wimped and moaned, explaining I was struggling and trying to find homes for my poor orphaned works. Seems Sammy might have a new home. Enter Janice, with her few suggestions and I'm doing a complete re-write. The woman is crazy! But, I love her and think Sammy will read much better when he's worked on. I'm actually writing the first sex scene right now and OMG it's hot! You're going to love it.

I'm by myself right now too. Hubby got called in for a job, three hours drive from here. He's gone for ten days. Just long enough for me to get used to the house being so quiet. We do talk. Thank heaven for messenger!! He's fine. Been very wet where he is, but the work isn't too bad, he says. Meanwhile, on the home front, poor daughter broke her toe. Okay, so I laughed, just a little bit. We seem to be a family who do this kind of thing occasionally. Hubby's done it four times, I think. Me, once, so far. Hehehe! Just call us the Clutz family.

Oh, a heads up to any of you who would like to spend some time chatting with myself, and other authors who are published by both Total E-Bound and eXtasy. Okay, what I'm rattling on about here is, both publishing houses have yahoo groups where readers are most welcome to come and hassle us, chat with us, complain about what we write, rave about the books you love, or simply pass along a great recipe idea.

Litergasm (Total E-Bound's chat group)

eX_Factor (eXtasy's chat group)

I, along with the other authors, are there, every day, chatting when we can and we'd love to have company. So, if you have a little spare time, or need to escape from the rat race, the boredom of being home alone...whatever, come and join us. We'll be there and waiting to hear from you.

On to my animal friends. With spring coming, the deer are beginning to look pretty scraggly. They're getting their new summer coats and the old fur is coming off in chunks. They all look like they need a good bath and a brushing. Any volunteers? They're all doing well, though. Even limpy is fairing well. He's still not walking properly, I'm not sure he ever will. But, he's strong and comes every evening for his dinner.

* * * *

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