Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome Connie Northrop

I'm tickled pink this week to have the opportunity to welcome friend and computer savvy reader Connie Northrop. I've known Connie for several years and consider her one of my online buds who rescues me and offers wonderful advice at the most interesting of times.

1. When did you begin reading romance and / or erotica?
I started reading romance in grade school.  Gothic romances caught me early and hard.

2. What is your favorite genre? (historical, western, science fiction, m/m, f/f…or others)
Paranormal. I’ve always loved the paranormal stories. They were hard to find for years, now they’re everywhere and I love it.

3. What clothing makes you feel sexy?
Nothing these days makes me feel sexy. When I weigh less I think being comfortable in my body has more to do with feeling sexy than the clothes I wear.

4. Has a book or story ever given you ideas for a romantic evening with your lover?
They’ve given me ideas for things I would like to try when I finally find a lover.

5. What’s your favorite comfort food?
Homemade bean burros or homemade spaghetti.

6. Are you a dreamer? Why yes or no?
Yes, I’m a dreamer. I always have been. There have been times that being a dreamer has helped me keep my sanity. LOL

7. If you could choose one vice, what would it be?
I have to choose? Ack!  Lust while drinking? Giving up lust would be very sad.

8. Are you in love? Have you ever been?
I have been in love and I hope to be again. I have discovered that I would rather be alone than settle for something less than love, so I’ll wait until I find the right guy.

9. One pillow or two?
Two. Between asthma and allergies two pillows are often a must.

10. Winter or Summer and why?
Summer, because it’s more lively than winter. People seem to just like to get out and do more during the summer.

I also added a line at the end of my interview questions which very few people have taken advantage of. Connie did, and I'm extremely glad.
If you’d like to add anything, this is the place for it. I’d love to hear what you have to say and I’m sure others would too.
I’ve really enjoyed being on these author groups. I’ve not only found a bunch of authors whose work I really enjoy, I’ve made some really good friends.
Thanks for the chance to do this interview! :0)
Thank you Connie for taking the time out of your busy day to visit us here. Hugs

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Jude Mason said...

Yay, Connie's here!

Hey lady. I'm so thrilled you allowed me to grill you...errr...ask you some questions for my Wednesday Guest blog day. It's awesome having you here.

And, you're always sexy. Trust me, I know these things!


Robin Badillo said...

It's very nice to meet you, Connie! Friends like you are few and far between. I'd love to hear your take on other genres you've enjoyed, though paranormal is my favorite, too.
Thank you for sharing her with us, Jude. I hope we get to see more of her around the loops, offering the wisdom only a true blue fan of romance could give.

Tierney O'Malley said...

Connie, I enjoyed reading your interview. The number 8 question inspired me to open my ms that's been sitting at my back burner.

Jude, thanks for sharing the interview.


D. Musgrave said...

Awesome interview, Connie!
It's great to see you here and read about what makes you tick.
D. Musgrave

Janice said...

Great interview. I'm a dreamer too. I think most writers have to be to create our stories. :)


Verb said...

Aw, c'mon Connie, tell us a vice, we could compare notes...I bet between us we have more vices than a carpenters workshop...LOL

Connie Northrop said...

Thanks Jude! It really was fun!

Naomi Bellina said...

Hello! I couldn't figure out if the question was to chose a vice to DO or to GIVE UP. Who could chose just one to do? Or even to give up, for that matter? Fun interview! I love to see what's going on with other authors.

Naomi Bellina

Connie Northrop said...

Thanks Robin!

I've read a lot of genres over the years. Paranormal has always been a fav. Sci-Fi/Fantasy would be next in line. :00

Connie Northrop said...

Tierney that's cool. Glad I could help. :0)

Connie Northrop said...

Hey D! Thanks for stopping by! You know what makes me,sex and um...a really good beer! LOL


Connie Northrop said...

Hi Janice. I think being a dreamer is a way to help us get through life at least semi-sane. :0)

Anne Kane said...

Hi Connie!
It's always nice to learn a bit more about the people I play with on the loops. Now I feel like I really know you.

Connie Northrop said...

Verb & Naomi, I like my vice. I drink. Not too much but I do enjoy it. Some people think swearing is a vice but in my family it's an art form, so it doesn't count. LOL

Connie Northrop said...

Thanks Anne! :0)

Ray said...

Fantastic Connie!

Thanks for having her Jude!


Connie Northrop said...

Thanks Ray! :0)