Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 Star review for Ethan's Choice

Acquanetta Ferguson of the San Diego Erotica and Romance Books Examiner

Welcome to another erotic book review. Today I present to you Ethan's Choice by Jude Mason & Jenna Byrnes.

Now for my disclaimer: This book or review not intended for people under 18 due to graphic sex and is intended for adults. My reviews also may include materials that some people may find offensive and objectionable. Just so you know.

Ethan’s Choice is a supernatural erotic thriller. It has ghosts and two men finding each other amidst the spirits shenanigans.

This story opens up with Ethan going to an inn in a rustic town in Canada called Whiskers' Seaside Inn. Before he can get inside, his eyes fall on a man named Cade who is taking care of the shrubbery and he likes what he sees.

These two just seem to gravitate towards each other. Their sex scenes are hard and intense as only two men can be. Amidst their trysts is a ghost or spirit who latches onto Ethan and shows him visions that have him, a non-believer, believing in ghosts by the end.

From the dialogue and character development, this story is intriguing and will keep you glued from the beginning page until the last page. The scenery and setting is described so well I could “see” and “smell” the beachside inn.

Bottom line I give the book a 5. It was explicit where it needed to be. It was also a thrilling read. The ghosts’ story was interesting and the set-up for the next book is nicely done. Don’t let this book pass you by.

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nettagyrl said...

Wow what a GREAT review. Makes me wanna read it. =D Joking aside, glad ya'll loved the review. And for the next book review, I promise to have your info listed. =D

Jude Mason said...

LOL, Netta, you are a nut. I was thrilled with this review. Thank you!