Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hunter's Light Review!

Hunter’s Light
Book 2 in the
Kindred Spirits Series
Jude Mason & Jenna Byrnes

ISBN: 978-1-907280-00-9
GENRE: m/m, paranormal
PUBLISHER: Total E-Bound

Review by PermaFrost
Review site:

David Sanderson arrives at Whiskers' Seaside Inn, excited by the prospect of investigating the local ghosts. He's a freelance writer with a keen sense of the supernatural and enthusiasm to spare. When the ghosts fail to make an appearance, David is directed to the Harbour Point Light, where an active spirit is known to exist. And one handsome lighthouse keeper.

Hunter Pierce isn't sure he wants someone writing an article about his lighthouse and the ghost who inhabits it. He lives a quiet, solitary life in his little house by the tower and doesn't relish the idea of tourists taking over the place.

Their priorities might clash, but David and Hunter mesh in all the ways that count. Can an intense physical relationship be enough? And are there more ghosts at the lighthouse than the captain? Someone doesn't like David hanging around. David vows to figure out why, and hopefully, in the process, figure out what to do with the new love he's found.

Freelance paranormal investigator David Sanderson is a man always on the move, traveling from one reputed haunting to another, never able to settle down to a fulfilling Gay relationship. At Whiskers Inn, he discovers the owners, Ethan and Cade, are very sexy, appealing, Gays, life partners whose erotic interludes he accidentally witnesses-much to his own excitement and embarrassment. However, while sensuality abounds, especially when he encounters total knockout Hunter Pierce, the stay-at-home lighthouse keeper on an isolated spit of land near the Inn.

But the supposed ghosts are not so cooperative. The closest David can come to paranormal events is Cade and Ethan's mention of the Inn's spirits. However, he soon finds that the Lighthouse and its surroundings are far more populated by the otherworld than he could have expected-and not all the spirits are happy with his “interference.”

Any story by authors Jude Mason and Jenna Byrnes, whether as a duo or in sole authorship, is a joy to behold and Hunter's Light continues their winning pattern. I raced through this novel, not in eagerness to finish, but simply because the pages almost turned themselves: such is the power of the writing skills and the authors' capacity to develop characters, weave subplots, evoke descriptive setting, and interweave incredibly erotic activity into the context of the story.

Hunter's Light is a not-to-be missed adventure into erotic gay sensuality, the paranormal, romance, partnership, and realistic characters whom the reader will quickly adopt as “friends.”


Jenna Byrnes said...

There's that 'joy to behold' stuff again....LOL

I do love this review!



Chloe Waits said...

Hey Jude (and Jenna!)
Fantastic review for you both!

(And thanks for coming by my blog to check out my blurb, Jude, very appreciated!) :)