Friday, November 20, 2009

Flash Friday

His Lady Flame (wc 100)
© Jude Mason

An ear-shattering explosion, brilliant columns of flame rose furious into the night, snatching his breath. His heart thundered wildly.

"Mistress mine," he moaned, stroking his erection. The fire raged before him, his desire raged within. Tendrils of flame flicked towards him seductively and faintly, in the distance, sirens wailed.

In his dream, she beckoned him, the vision of her luscious curves billowing above the blackened building, coaxing him, commanding him. Heat from her enticed him closer. His orgasm erupted urgent – compliant.

Furtively, fuel can in hand, he fled. Anxiously, glancing back, desperate to know if he'd pleased his Lady Flame.

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Jenna Byrnes said...

Great flasher! Don't forget to sign in on the FFF website!