Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Top 10 Restaurant Good Signs/Bad Signs

From the website:

# 10 Good sign: Considered the best Iranian restaurant in the area.
Bad sign: All the food is nuked.

# 9 Good sign: You see Bobby Flay at one table and Rachel Ray at another.
Bad sign: He's puking his guts out, and she's running for the bathroom holding her ass.

# 8 Good Sign: The Michelin Guide rates it as the best restaurant in Paris!
Bad sign: That's Paris, Texas.

# 7 Good sign: The delightful "salade de poulet" has raisins!
Bad sign: Them ain't raisins.

# 6 Good Sign: It's a brand new steak house.
Bad sign: Those "char marks" look suspiciously like the treads off a Goodyear.

# 5 Good sign: They take all major credit cards.
Bad sign: They don't give them back.

# 4 Good sign: A review of the restaurant has gone viral.
Bad sign: The review frequently uses the word "viral."

# 3 Good sign: There is a line clear out the door.
Bad sign: It leads to the bathroom.

# 2 Good sign: Sandwiches named after celebrities.
Bad sign: The "Mama Cass Elliot Ham Sandwich."

and the Number 1 Restaurant Good Sign/Bad Sign...

# 1 Good sign: They offer Surf 'n Turf.
Bad sign: The waiter asks if you want one straw or two.

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