Thursday, December 29, 2005

Almost Happy New Year!

I know, I've been bad and it's been ages since I posted in here, but jeeze, I've been sooo busy! Let's see, where to begin. I've been scrambling to get this BDSM story done and managed to get it sent in to the editor just before Christmas. It's called Pink Ribbon, and there's this cover you see, that would be perfect for the story. I have one month to get the story accepted to get the cover. And wow, what a sexy cover. Nude torso of a gorgeous guy, with a ribbon dangling down the side of the page. Perfect. Cross your fingers for me everyone.

Oh more news. I got an email from yesterday and Dance of Submission is in print and available.... YAY! Links to buy here: Sex-Kitten , Amazon and Barnes and Noble I'm jazzed big time about it and hope sales go crazy.

On a more serious note, I'd like you all to send a prayer to my publisher at Darker Pleasures and his family. Just before the holidays, his son fell from the fourth floor of an apartment building and has been in coma since then. He's showing signs of progress, but still has a long way to go to recover. Take a few moments and give your loved ones a hug, and send a prayer to my friends boy. Thank you all.

And now, I'm going to head off and see if I can't get something constructive done. Thank you all for stopping by and I wish everyone the very best of the season, and a wonderful 2006


Sunday, November 06, 2005

News, prize giveaways, and Piers Anthony joins Venus Press!

Great news and man have I been busy! Tha chat I was involved with at ebooklove, was a great success and congratulations to Pat, who won the photo and to John, who sent in an amazing photo of himself dressed as a werewolf and won a copy of my All Hallow's Eve book 'And There Were Beasts' Check is photo out here Thank you John for being such a good sport!

I've just had 'Another Deal' accepted, contract signed and all, by Venus Press with a release date of either April or May in the new year, so look out for that one. If you've read 'The Deal' you'll remember Matt and Sabrina well, but even if you haven't read the first book, book two will make perfect sense. I've taken my vampire couple to Whitby England this time around, to avenge the death of her sire. The action is hot, and so are my two vamps.

I've also sent in a surprise novella to Venus. I'd sat down to begin a story for an anthology called BDSM Bound, which is scheduled to come out sometime next year and had this wonderful idea. Well, my wonderful idea ran wild. 35,000+ words later, I yell whoa baby and An Acquired Taste was born. Much too long for the antho, I had my good friend and writing buddy D. Musgrave take a look at it, and he said, yup, it's a novella. He did an edit, thank you sweetie, and off it went to VP on Friday.

Oh and some amazing news for both Venus Press and its authors. World renouned sci-fi author Piers Anthony has joined our ranks. Yup, we got a big time celeb. He has a book titled 'Relationships' coming out sometime in the beginning of '06 and boy I can hardly wait. Wooo Whoo Venus Press!

Now I'm off to get busy on a tantilizing tale of tit treatment that'll hopefully amaze the readers of Darker Pleasure soon. Who knew that a camping trip on another world could be such a treat. Take care and I'll yack with you again soon


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Almost All Hallow's Eve

It's been much too long since I posted in here. Let's see, what have I been up to? Tons! I've moved Haven from one server to another, and man was that a thrill. Three days of sheer panic and frustration. But, thanks to the kind assistance of webmistress Deanna Lee, who takes care of Venus Press' amazing site as well as some of the authors there, I managed to get it up and more or less running properly. If you visit and find a link that doesn't work, I'd really appreciate a heads up.

On to more interesting, and hopefully fun stuff.

Well, it's almost time for that special chat I've been talking to you about. October 30th, that's tomorrow people. Five other authors and myself will be hosting a chat in the ebooklove chatroom. The chat begins at 9:00 AM est and goes until 3PM. Each author will have an hour to promote their story. I'll be there at 11 AM est. That's 8 AM pst, for those in Europe it'll be mid afternoon.If you're not already subscribed to ebooklove, there's still time. Send a request to:

and come chat with me and my friends. I'll have excerpts from And There WereBeasts to share with you, and one free copy will be given away. I've also got that magnificent picture to give away to one lucky person. Oh yes, that picture. If you'd like to have a sneak peak, it's here: and News.htm

If you have some free time tomorrow, I'd love to visit with you.

More on the writing front. I've sent the second in the series of 'Deal' novellas off to Venus Press and am patiently (yeah right) waiting to hear from them. This one has my vampire couple visiting Whitby England, a lovely seaside hamlet where Sabrina rushes to avenge the murder of... well someone important to her. *G* This one will be called, 'Another Deal' and will hopefully be out sometime soon. I'll keep you all posted.

And now I'm off, I've got this nasty story to finish for Darker Pleasures. Something to do with fish hooks, nipples and a holiday on some distant plantet. Take care all, and have a safe All Hallow's Eve.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Monday

And the week begins with a vengence. I've been having trouble sleeping, rotten colds to that to me sometimes, anyhoo, I was up and roaring around at some ungodly hour this morning checking email. Oh first got the coffee going, you really don't want to talk to me before I've had my coffee. There in my email was a lovely surprise. I'd done an interview with May from MayReviews about a month ago and she'd sent me a message saying it was live and for me to go have a look see. What a lovely way to begin any day. If you'd like to read a little more about me, go to:

It was great fun doing it and I'm thrilled to be up on Mays site.

Oh what else have I been up to? Yes, I finally sent off the sequel to The Deal to Venus Press. Another Deal, the second in a three part series that I hope will be as well received as the first one was. This takes place in a small coastal villiage in England, Whitby, where there's an Abby that just cries out for more vampire history. Bram Stokers 'Dracula' was filmed there and after doing some research, I can see why. I'll keep you all posted on when that one's coming out.

It's been quiet around here though. Husband has gone off with his dad for a week of visiting relatives. I'm not sure how much his dad will remember now, he's getting on in years and his faculties aren't as sharp as they once were, but it was something he truly wanted to do. I miss hubby and can't sleep well alone, sigh!

Oh, the contest is all ready to go. If you'd like a peak at the picture I'll be giving to some lucky person, click on the link here:

For information on how you can get in on this, click here:

I hope to see some of you there. There's probably tons I'm missing out, but I'm off to get more done on this story that's taken over. It was supposed to be a short story for an anthology, but it's grown all out of proportion. I whined and moaned to my publisher, she laughed and told me to just get busy and write it. No sympathy... Jeeze!

Have a great day everyone, and I'll see you soon.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Come & Chat, win E-Books for All Hallow's Eve

**You're invited**
*** International On-line Halloween Costume Party!***

Where and when:* It's to be hosted by ebooklove on October 30th from 9 AM to 3 PM est. It's early so that our European friends can come! (For them it'll be late afternoon into the evening.) Cupid Library Reviews is advertising the event from their website in Germany. Click to join ebooklove

*What we'll do at the party:* 6 authors will each spend an hour each entertaining you with their excerpts, conversation and contests.

*The treats:* Each has a Halloween story that will be released from their various publishers in October, and each will be giving away a copy -- plus other prizes!

*The trick:* To enter the contest you need to send a picture of yourself in costume to Cyndi Redding! Use either her e-mail (for digital) or snail mail address (for hard copy.) Both can be found on her
contact page. If you're one of the six winners, you'll get one of the Halloween books! Oh, and your picture will be posted on her website in her gallery! Your picture in any kind of costume can be from a long ago Halloween or Carnival, or you can dress up and take a picture for the occasion. Whatever you'd like to send in for the contest is fine.

It should be lots of fun! Oh, by the way, Cyndi as well as some of the others will make an appearance in costume too! It's only fair.

Friday, September 02, 2005

If You'd Like to Help!

If you'd like to donate to Hurricane Katrina Disaster Fund, Darker Pleasure, a webzine I write for monthly, has kindly offered to donate 50% of all new subscriptions from now until Labor Day to the Red Cross Hurricane Disaster Relief fund. Please, click on the button below and lend a hand. Thank you for your help

Monday, August 22, 2005

Confusion, frustration.... ah ha, success at last

For you people who know html and whiz through this blog building, a short note of admiration. I've never considered myself overly stupid, but I've managed to frustrate myself several times while putting this together. I think, hope, pray, that I've got the basics where I want them now and will try REALLY hard not to mess with it again. Adding links and getting the archives to appear took me two f***ing hours. How was I supposed to know you had to put the links Under where the archives stuff went? Okay, rant over, I did it, it looks pretty much how I want it too, and I'll make sure I read this when I decide to mess with it again. Please, someone shoot me if I do, or at least take me out behind the woodshed and speak sternly to me while whooping my silly ass.

Good news, I'm within a couple of hundred words of finishing Another Deal for Venus Press, which is a very good thing because I have a feeling Matt, from Darker Pleasures, is going to show up one day with another photo set for me to work on. Think dessert and breast torture. Boggles the mind I know. I'm looking forward to it though. I've got a niggling idea at the back of my mind that I'm hoping with work with this, but only time will tell.

Oh nuther bit of good news. I saw the Venus Press newsletter yesterday and my story, And There Were Beasts was listed in there, cover art in there and everything. Come October, it'll be out and hopefully selling like those preverbial hotcakes you always here about. Crossing fingers!

I got a Wonderful email from the editors at Tit-Elation this morning as well. Oh today has been a good day. Two of the stories that I was lucky enough to have published on the TE website have been chosen to appear in their first quarterly 'Best of' in print. Do I have to tell you how pleased I was at that news? I'm honestly tickled to death. Jakes Clinging Ivy, a historica romance, plus Mistress Helens Re-Awakening, an erotic romance, will see print and I get copies. Whoo Hooo!

Ahem, calm down girl! Yeah right, I've been walking around smiling all day. My husband is going to think I've been into something I'm not supposed to be into. I'm dying to see what the cover is going to look like, and who else will be joining me in this thing.

Anyhoo, I better get myself busy and finish this one off. Then come the fun part of editing and tearing to bits. You all take care and I'll see you again soon.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Night Diversion

It's been one of those weeks. You know the kind you wished would just end so it could be done with. Writing has been in fits and starts, mostly fits. I'm aching to get the sequel to The Deal done, and it's getting there, but painfully slowly at the moment. I'm beginning to feel as if I'll be ninety before it's finished. It's a good thing vampires live a long time huh?

I did get some great news from Venus Press. They've got a new line coming out and I managed to wriggle my butt into it. Yay me! So, I'll be contracted to have a piece done for October of next year. Hopefully I'll have my vamps done by then. Laughing!

I'd like to work on something totally different next for them. I've already had one vampire novella accepted and published, a halloween story comes out in October of this year that's a paranormal/shapeshifter/edgy kinda thing called, 'And There Were Beasts' Shades of the Twilight Zone! I think I'm going to drop into D/s for one. It's been forever since I tread those waters.

Darker Pleasures has enough of my work to keep them going until almost Christmas. I know I want to write Matt a little something for his Yule edition. Sparkle has graced his pages twice now, I wonder if she'd be welcome for a third season?

Okay kiddies, that's it for tonight. My virus scanner is about to kick in and things go terribly slow when that happens. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you again soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I survived the airshow

Okay, so standing, or sitting, in the sun for seven hours isn't strenuous, but if you don't apply a gallon of sunscreen, repeatedly, you get burned. There's got to be some motto in there somewhere, I suppose, and if I ever figure it out I'll share it with you. I got burned, not all over, thank whatever diety you like here, but I looked like I'd been on an all weekend drunk by the end of the day. I never knew my nose could be THAT red without blood dripping.

The good news is, the show was fantastic. There were old war planes, old bi-planes and crop dusters and then there were the new models of all of the above. Some where just big enough to squeeze one person into, and that's if the person was small, while others could have carried trucks and probably had. I took a couple of dozen pictures, but nothing incredible. I'm a writer, not a photographer and it's very evident when you see my photographs. *G* When the Snow Birds came flying towards us, all I could do was gape like the rest of the crowd. These guys are amazing. For a peak at what they can do, try here:

It doesn't do them justice, but it's the best I can offer. My husband managed to take approximately six hundred pictures that day and got almost as red as I did.

On the writing front, things are moving along wonderfully well. Gracie Passette, the woman who runs Tit-Elation at: along with several other sites, will be publishing my novel 'Dance of Submission' soon and we've been emailing back and forth for the past few days. The coverart is going to be amazing. I'm waiting to see what kind of edits she comes up with for it and then it'll be off to the printers I believe.

I've been working on the sequel of The Deal, called Another Deal and hopefully that will be ready to go soon. I'm nearing the 14K mark and hope to polish it off at about 18K so any fans, get ready for more of my vamps. I have one more in mind for this series, but haven't got the story line for it ironed out quite yet. I've had some wonderful reviews for The Deal, and hopefully the next two installments will be as well received.

Time to get myself busy here. So, you all take care and have a great day. Talk to you again soon.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Off to the air show

Yup, it's Sunday and we're going to the air show for the day. Having never been to one I'm looking forward to it a great deal. Husband, of course, will be taking his camera and hopefully he'll get some good pictures.

Writing news: I've signed up for two new pieces at Venus Press. It seems they have these yearly calls for anthos they're planning on publishing and BDSM Bound grabbed me. Surprised are ya? Femdom, a younger man being punished for some dreadful behaviour popped into my mind and off I went. Signed up lickety split for that one and hopefully I can get in touch with all of the other authors involves so we can coordinate our work somewhat. And, you'll chuckle here, another of the calls was for a western. Well, I like the outdoors and have seen enough John Wayne movies to choke any horse alive, so figured I could to one. Then I got silly and asked if we could perhaps make this western antho a little different. Instead of straight cowboys and the ranch, perhaps cowgirls and cowgirls might be fun to try. Well, the girl putting it together came back with, Uh, do we publish lesbian stuff? Yup, we do, or they do. So, it looks like it's a go, but have to contact Skarlett just to be sure.

I also had some wonderful news from my publisher about a review for The Deal. Here's what I got:

"Jude Mason's THE DEAL is raw justice at its best!"
3 Blue Ribbons ~~
Reviewed by Tracy Marsac @ Romance Junkies

I zipped over to that addresss and I'm still smiling. Wow! Three ribbons out of five isn't the best, by any stretch, but, it's set me a goal and that's a good thing. Tracy Marsac gave me the best review I've ever had and I thank her for it. Romance Junkies has asked me if I'd like to do an interview and I'll be responding to them right away, accepting that offer. PR is a wonderful thing... Ugh!

A bit of sad news now. We had to have our beloved dog, Taz, put down. She was an exceptionally good dog and we'd had her for twelve years. Unfortunately, she developed a horrible fear of noises, fireworks, guns, thunder, those kinds to begin with, but over the years that progressed to any kind of noise. A car door closing, a truck going by, the neighbor with a saw, anything at all. It got to the point where we had to medicate her daily, and then that didn't work anymore. She then lost control of her bladder. The vet we dealt with was wonderful and although it was one of the more difficult things I've had to do, I'm glad we had her put down. She was too good a dog to let her suffer.

So, that's how my week has gone, and now I've got to go and get dressed or I know he won't take me. Take care and have a wonderful day all.


Sunday, July 31, 2005

Another day in the life...

Sunday and I have a slight hangover. Can you believe that? I can't, I never drink too much. I don't drink much at all actually. Well other than a glass of wine in the evening. Ah well, it'll pass and I've got work to do so it's just going to have to be ignored.

Oh, I got some fantastic news last week, 'And There Were Beasts' has been accepted by
Venus Press and I'm a very happy camper. It will come out this coming Halloween and I'll have my very first cover model type cover. Wow! I'm dying to see who he is, and I made sure I described my lead male character very well so hopefully he'll be as hot as I imagined. A changling story, about a man who loses his father and the girl who has to tell him the news. The two are somehow linked and... well I'm not telling you any more, you'll have to wait until Halloween, or until I see the edits and can post an excerpt.

I was also contacted by the publisher of
Darker Pleasure, who I've been working with for quite some time. He's got three or four new photo sets coming soon and he's offered me one if I want it. Do I... You bet your sweet bippy I do. He's got a really intersting scenario building with these shoots. As some of you may know, Darker Pleasures is a fetish site, and caters to those who enjoy breast torment. It's an interesting genre to write, and I've enjoyed it very much over the past couple of years. These photo sets that are upcoming will involve desserts, the making of and enjoying of them, but in one hell of a special way.

And now, I'd better be off, I've got my vampire couple, Sabrina and Matt, stuck in a small town in England. There to avenge the death of... well that's another one you're going to have to wait for. I know, wicked ain't I?


Sunday, July 24, 2005

Welcome to Jude Mason's blog

'The gentle touch of a lover excites. The whip or tongue teases heated flesh; come explore with me, if you dare.'

This is a short saying I came up with years ago for my website and I think it fits here as well. I'll be sharing more of my life, my dreams and aspirations here, as well as some of my writing.

I've written in one form or another all my life, and when I found the internet a few years ago, I began striving towards publication. PR, or public relations, is part of that goal and this is one way of getting my name out there. I do chats and interviews when I can and I'll post here when and where those take place. I'll also try to keep you up to date on where I'm published and when.

Once I've got this blogging sorted out, I'll also be adding links to other blogs you might find of interest, writers, publishers and friends I've made online. If you have a website or link you think I might want to add, please let me know.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you'll visit often. I'll do my best to keep you entertained.