Saturday, October 29, 2005

Almost All Hallow's Eve

It's been much too long since I posted in here. Let's see, what have I been up to? Tons! I've moved Haven from one server to another, and man was that a thrill. Three days of sheer panic and frustration. But, thanks to the kind assistance of webmistress Deanna Lee, who takes care of Venus Press' amazing site as well as some of the authors there, I managed to get it up and more or less running properly. If you visit and find a link that doesn't work, I'd really appreciate a heads up.

On to more interesting, and hopefully fun stuff.

Well, it's almost time for that special chat I've been talking to you about. October 30th, that's tomorrow people. Five other authors and myself will be hosting a chat in the ebooklove chatroom. The chat begins at 9:00 AM est and goes until 3PM. Each author will have an hour to promote their story. I'll be there at 11 AM est. That's 8 AM pst, for those in Europe it'll be mid afternoon.If you're not already subscribed to ebooklove, there's still time. Send a request to:

and come chat with me and my friends. I'll have excerpts from And There WereBeasts to share with you, and one free copy will be given away. I've also got that magnificent picture to give away to one lucky person. Oh yes, that picture. If you'd like to have a sneak peak, it's here: and News.htm

If you have some free time tomorrow, I'd love to visit with you.

More on the writing front. I've sent the second in the series of 'Deal' novellas off to Venus Press and am patiently (yeah right) waiting to hear from them. This one has my vampire couple visiting Whitby England, a lovely seaside hamlet where Sabrina rushes to avenge the murder of... well someone important to her. *G* This one will be called, 'Another Deal' and will hopefully be out sometime soon. I'll keep you all posted.

And now I'm off, I've got this nasty story to finish for Darker Pleasures. Something to do with fish hooks, nipples and a holiday on some distant plantet. Take care all, and have a safe All Hallow's Eve.