Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scorpio Tattoo is #8 in sales!

May 15.2007

As you all know, Phaze is my main publisher, right? Well, Phaze sells through Fictionwise too. I don't get nearly as much per book sold there as I do when it's sold through Phaze, but it's a big old store and they sell a lot of books. I don't usually check very often, but since Scorpio went live I admit I've checked every few days. It started out in number 37 position in the
Phaze store at Fictionwise and I was kind of down. #37 isn't great. I checked a few days later and it had risen to #20 something, and I figured that was going to be it. Well, hot damn, I checked this morning and.... drum roll please... It's moved into #8 position. Whoo Hooo! Yup, I'm thrilled. #8 isn't #1, but it's definitely up there and I'm really happy. I just had to share. I can't stop smiling. *G*