Friday, November 10, 2006

Available now, Scorpio Tattoo, by Jude Mason

The Scorpio Tattoo
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Series: Mystical Sign: Scorpio
Author: Jude Mason
Genre: Paranormal/suspense
Content: hetro sex, threesome m/f/m
Publisher: Venus Press

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Bookstore owner, Jonathan Rorke, had a dream. Actually, he had several, each more terrifying than the last. You see, Jonathan is psychic and he's dreaming of a woman in trouble. What happens when he can't pinpoint where she is or force his dreams to tell him more? What happens when he does finally find her and his premonitions lead them into the world of paranormal?

Together, Jonathan and Jess have to find out who's tattooing her and why. And, they have to find out before it's finished, or she may wind up the third casualty.

Available now, from Venus Press, Scorpio Tattoo is a suspense novel like none you've ever seen before. A romance blossoms in the midst of an investigation that will take you into the nightmare world of ghosts and love lost, and love found again.