Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest author, Marc Jarrod

Hello everyone. I've got a great surprise for you this time around. A kind of newbie has joined me here today. Not that he's never written anything before, but he's never written this particular genre before. He's gone out of his comfort zone and written a lovely, touching story about two men, who turn out to be not only best friends, but...well, you'll just have to read on, then go buy the book.

Please welcome, Marc Jarrod and his new book, To Bi or Not to Bi

Hello my devoted readers, future readers and hopefully fans.

I’m thrilled to announce my newest release—my first gay book which was released by eXtasy Books on November 15th. 

Please…do not let the title deceive you. This is not the story of a bisexual man, but rather the story of a homosexual man named Will Crown coming to terms with his sexuality. His good friend and roommate, Adam helps him find himself and explore who and what he is. Will’s also in love with him.

The two men are amateur actors who perform Shakespearean plays in a summer stock company. In the story, Will plays the lead role of Hamlet.

To Bi or Not to Bi
By Marc Jarrod
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Release date: November 15.2012
Genre: Gay, contemporary

Will Crown loves to watch gay videos but swears he isn’t gay…but is he? 

They say we all have gay feelings deep inside, but for most of us those feelings never surface. Will Crown, amateur stage actor, is about to put that theory to the supreme test with the help of good friend and fellow actor, Adam Jester, who harbors his own secret—he’s in love with Will.
Whether it’s timing or simply an inevitable turn of events, the two men expose and act on their dark secrets knowing their lives will never be the same. Does Will embrace his newfound sexuality or regret his decision—and, will he reciprocate his roommate’s love?

Excerpt (and it's a hot one)

Will just wanted to kill some time before the dress rehearsal for the play they’d be performing the next night.
He liked to pass that time by watching adult videos. Though he’d had his share of the dating game along with unsatisfactory sexual liaisons, he still liked to sit back and watch videos of hot sex.
At the store, Will perused the aisles of DVD’s, the movies ranging from mainstream, through hard core, male-female sex to extreme BDSM to foot fetish magazines and videos. He went further into the back where he knew the store displayed a certain genre, one he returned to repeatedly. His heart rate increased as he went deeper into the well-packed shop. It didn’t take long for him to find what he was searching for. He purchased a quickly sought-out DVD then returned home. The anticipation of a couple of hours of solo sex had his hands shaking as he neared the house.
When he got home, he turned on the TV, pushed the DVD in the player and sat on the couch. The movie credits scrolled down. Seconds later, the first scene showed a well-built blond guy on his knees. The camera zoomed in, quickly focusing on just his lips sliding up and down a huge, erect cock. The wet slickness covering the shaft along with the deep guttural grunts coming from both men turned Will on like nothing else ever did.
Oh, yeah, this is a great way to start the film.
Will’s cock was already thickening in his pants, begging to get out. The camera moved back, the man’s face coming into view, the lips stretched tight around and nipping at the engorged cock. As the camera panned back even further, Will saw another male undressing. That one was tall, slender and had dark, wavy hair. He looked like he spent all of his spare time working out at the gym.
Will unfastened his jeans and reached inside. With a little effort plus a curse or two, he managed to liberate his cock and stroke it. While the trio in the movie got down to a hotter than hot scene where the blond dude on his knees got fucked by the hunky newcomer and gave the most amazing blowjob to the guy standing in front of him, Will gaped and stroked his cock more rapidly.
He loved these movies and kept a ready-stash of them in a locked container under his bed. More than once, he’d wondered if he wasn’t at least bisexual—not gay, mind you. He wasn’t ready to go there in any way, shape, or form. He’d also wondered, numerous times, what it would feel like to have a man suck him off.
Watching those scenes, the oral sex scenes, was a tremendous turn-on. He figured it didn’t much matter if it was a man or woman doing the sucking. Presently his cock was in full agreement. He was at full mast, but his dick seemed to grow even thicker as the scenes played out.
After stroking himself for a good ten minutes, Will was ready to explode. He fought the urge, straining to anticipate the exact moment when the actors would have their respective orgasms so they could all come together.
His butt clenched, his balls shifted in tight to his body— but something distracted him and tore the impending bliss away.
Suddenly, through his peripheral vision, Will caught movement in the next room. Panic filled his body, then a deep frown embed in his face. It had to be Adam! But what was he doing home? It was 1:00 in the afternoon.


All righty, how was that for a nice bit of entertainment heat? Not too shabby, huh? If you enjoyed the teaser, please leave Marc a message, and, because you're all such lovely people who enjoy a little extra heat in your reading, let your fingers do the walking right on over to eXtasy where you can buy To Bi or Not to Bi HERE I'm sure you won't be disappointed.



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