Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 Blue Ribbons for 413 Remembrance Lane!

413 Remembrance Lane: Diary of a House

BY: Jamie Hill, Derek Musgrave, Emma Wildes, Michelle Houston, Cheri Valmont, Skyler Grey and Jude Mason

Amanda of Romance Junkies reviews gave us 5 Blue Ribbons

SNIPPET: 413 REMEMBRANCE LANE: DIARY OF A HOUSE is sinfully delicious! From pirates and vampires to same sex loving, there is something that will appeal to everyone in this book from today's hottest authors.

Midnight Confession-1750 by Cheri Valmont

Catherine Ashbury is in disguise as a pirate. She is in New Orleans trying to find her beloved Drew when she and her companions are kidnapped by a group of men. They are taken to a huge house where she is tossed into a room to await her fate. She wants to know why Drew broke their engagement and where he's disappeared to. Apparently, the captain that resides in this strange house has the answers. When Catherine discovers her nanny has bespelled the diary she gave her, Catherine soon realizes she's tied to 413 Remembrance Lane for better or worse. How in the world does Drew tie into this strange place and will she ever actually get the answers she seeks?

This was a very sensual and heart-breaking story. Drew basically fakes his own death to protect Catherine from ever finding out the truth about him. Catherine has waited for so long to be with the man she loves, she's not going to let anything stand in her way, especially him. The passion that finally erupts between them is spellbinding. MIDNIGHT CONFESSION is definitely the story to start this collection with. It's grabbed hold of me and I can't wait to see what the other authors have to bring to the table!

An Extraordinary Request-1815 by Emma Wildes

When Arthur arrives at 413 Remembrance Lane, he thinks it's just to spend a month with his closest friend and his new wife. However, when Henri and Serena beg him to help Serena father a child, Arthur is dumbstruck. Henri is impotent now due to a spider bite, but he and Serena always wanted children. How can Arthur possibly refuse this desperate couple? Serena and Arthur never expect to find themselves actually attracted to one another

Baby making isn't the only thing going on in Serena's life, however. She has discovered the diary left in the house. By writing in this diary, Serena will magically be able to receive her hearts desire. However, what is Serena's heart's desire…Henri, her husband, or Arthur, the man that brought passion back into her life?

AN EXTRAORDINARY REQUEST is quite addictive. I really love the tie-in of the diary through each of these stories so far. I felt so bad for Serena, all she wants is her husband but he doesn't think he's a man anymore. Henri is such a self-conscious fellow. If only he'd believe his wife's words instead of thinking since he can't offer her sex, she won't want him. Henri brings in his best friend, Arthur to have sex with his wife which was totally hot! I really enjoyed this story a lot and will be looking for more of Emma Wildes stories soon!

Of Death and Desire-1898 by Jude Mason

Jonathan and his lover, Philip, are descending to 413 Remembrance Lane on a vacation of sorts for Philip to try to rest. Philip has consumption and no treatments have been able to help him. When Philip dies, Jonathan is inconsolable. He's in a non-stop drunken rage, up to his neck in his own vomit and ready and willing to end his own life. Something strange is happening here at Jonathan's new home. He is actually feeling Philip touch him, caress him and is sure it's Philip bringing him to orgasmic delight. But how can that be? Philip died! Jonathan has cut back on drinking and is taking better care of himself so are these hallucinations or Philip's last wish in the diary finally taking hold?

OF DEATH AND DESIRE had me bawling my eyes out. It was such a heartbreaking story. These two men basically had to hide what they were from the world. During the time period, gay men didn't exist. With Philip's illness, my heart tore for Jonathan. I couldn't believe how much I fell for these characters. The romance between these two men is exquisite. It's very heart-felt and truly an inspiration. The diary is a huge event in this story and by the end, I was still crying, only this time in gratification. Philip and Jonathan definitely earned a place in my heart.

The War Within-1945 by D. Musgrave

William is just returning home from the war. He and his love, Sheila had bought 413 Remembrance Lane before he was whisked away, and now he's returned home to surprise her. He's always loved the old plantation house and he and Sheila hoped to have a happy life here. Unfortunately, William isn't as carefree about his time in the war as he lets on to Sheila. He is having flashbacks of his time fighting the guerillas and he's sure he's hearing them scream. Things are getting stranger and stranger however, when William's flashbacks get so extreme, it's like he's having out of body experiences. When he strikes his wife, he knows he's in serious trouble.

William decides it's time to talk to the voodoo witch. When he finds and talks to both her and the spirit of pirate Drew (MIDNIGHT CONFESSION), he is instructed to find the diary hidden in the house. Only with this diary can William and Sheila truly be set free from the spirits trying to claim their souls. Will William head their advice and locate the diary in time?

THE WAR WITHIN both spooked me and left me dying to know how it was going to end. I can't imagine coming home from the war and reliving all of my friend's deaths and being haunted by evil spirits. I sure as hell can't imagine being Sheila and having some strange spirit, who I thought was my husband, bringing me to orgasm. William is a hero to me and the lengths he goes to in order to protect his wife and his home will have you enthralled with this story in no time. D. Musgrave has become one of my favorite authors and THE WAR WITHIN definitely cements him there. This story will have your blood turning cold, your libido shooting up to the moon and leave you wondering just how much this diary in the house is capable of.

Let the Sunshine In-1971 by Jamie Hill

Scott and Terri left California to get away from the crime spree ripping through the area. Moving into 413 Remembrance Lane should be making both of them very happy. However, Terri hasn't been in the mood for making love as of late, which is really surprising to Scott. She's been feeling very jumpy lately and now Scott is having weird dreams. Ever since he and Terri met Rafe in the diner, Scott has found himself having very erotic dreams about the man. However, Scott soon discovers he's not the only one having sinfully delicious dreams of Rafe…so is Terri!

When Rafe comes to dinner with some wine, friendship suddenly turns to a whole lot more. Scott and Terri get an experience with Rafe they never could have imagined. When they discover that Rafe has a whole other side to him, they are unsure whether they should run screaming for the hills or just embrace his furry side. He really is the most amazing thing to happen to them, after all. When Terri remembers the diary she found in the house they realize that they may just be able to wish for Rafe to be all man. Wishing on the diary always comes with a price though. Is this threesome ready to pay it?

LET THE SUN SHINE IN is orgasmically delicious! I couldn’t get enough of the scrumptious sex between Rafe and Scott. Terri wasn't my favorite character in this story for some reason. I just couldn't really relate to her like I could to Rafe and Scott. To me, they stole the story and Terri was just kind of along for the ride. This is not meant to be critical of Jamie Hill at all. I just felt the romance and passion more between Scott and Rafe then either or both of them with Terri. This was a spellbinding tale of lust, trust and acceptance. I honestly can't see just two of these characters together. They all really belonged in this threesome they created! I am a huge fan of all of Jamie Hill's work, but I have to say, LET THE SUN SHINE IN is my all time favorite! I love her male on male action and can't wait to see what else she has in store soon.

My Vampire, My Love-1993 by Skyler Grey

Candice has just moved into 413 Remembrance Lane. She's already discovered the diary in one of the rooms and how to open it. Candy has also discovered a new friend on the property…a mangy black and white cat. When a man calls her explaining that he's the nephew of the owner of the home and wishes to speak with her, Candice is nervous to say the least. However, the man's voice sends her insides to quivering and she cannot seem to stay no to him. He introduces himself as Avakis. His touch melts Candice from head to toe and she can't seem to get enough of him. He should not be able to touch her this way! Why can't she seem to stop him?

Avakis is a vampire, cursed to take pleasure from women until he finds a virgin, whom he must turn over to his master to be tortured. He discovers that he can't give his master Candice. He is hopelessly in love with her. There is no way he can remain with her without his master finding out. Is there? When Candice explains the diary, both discover that they may be able to be together after all.

MY VAMPIRE, MY LOVE is a titillating good time to be had by all. Avakis is so protective of the only woman he's ever loved. Explaining to her that he is a vampire would shock and scare the hell out of most people, but Candice takes it in stride because she loves him. She's willing to fight his master along side him to remain with Avakis forever. Once again, the diary plays a pivotal role in their lives which I absolutely love! I definitely want a diary like this to make my wishes come true. Avakis and Candice were wonderful together. The passion that explodes between these two will leave you breathless!

The Life Not Lived-2000 by Michelle Houston

When Natasha's divorce goes through, she gets to keep her house at 413 Remembrance Lane. She also receives a strange package in the mail. Figuring it's from her sister, she dons the beautiful necklace inside. Natasha has been hiding a side of herself for a very long time. Being a closet lesbian has always stood in the way of her and her husband's relationship, but Natasha can't fight it anymore. She needs a woman in her life that will give her everything her heart and body craves.

When Natasha's erotic imaginings become a reality and she finds a strange woman with her in the bed, she freaks! The woman tells her she is called a succubus. She is sure she is just dreaming the woman bringing her untold pleasure, but decides what the hell, my as well ride it out. The succubus is here to help Natasha change her fate. Once upon a time, Natasha left behind the woman she loved more than anything to pretend to be normal. Maybe, with the help of the diary Natasha has found in the house, she can go back and change her mistakes. No fake marriage, no pretending to me straight when she's not and most of all, a chance to be completely and utterly happy again.

THE LIFE NOT LIVED was phenomenal! I truly fell in love with Natasha. I understood her hesitation at ever telling anyone that she was a lesbian. Growing up in the times that she did, she would never have been accepted. However, like she discovered too late, marrying a man to hide your true self will never work. I wanted Natasha to find the diary, to make her wish and to find her lost love. I was really rooting for her throughout. She brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion, and the provocative pleasure she discovers will make your teeth melt. Michelle Houston is a favorite author of mine and I am so happy to have been able to delve into another one of her masterpieces yet again!

413 REMEMBRANCE LANE: DIARY OF A HOUSE is sinfully delicious. Be prepared to disappear into a multitude of time periods for a few hours. Each author brings their own special ingredients to this heart-stopping collection. There is no way I can pick my favorite story, as each one I seemed to love more than the last. From pirates and vampires to same sex loving, there is something that will appeal to everyone in this book from today's hottest authors. The diary itself really kept my attention. I would love to be able to find one in my home and share all the other inhabitants' adventures! This was such a unique storyline that kept my attention riveted to each individual story. I will be talking about this collection to everyone I know for a very long time to come.