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The Wanton Quill
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I hope you've had a spectacular month. Mine has been busy, which is good, and productive, which is very good. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and I'll tell you all about it.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Wolfen Choice: Book #3 in the Untamed Hearts Series

Wolfen Choice

Book #3 in the

Untamed Heart Trilogy
Jude Mason & Jamie Hill
ISBN: 978-1-907010-17-0
Genre: Paranormal Were/ Gay/ Menage a trois
Publisher: Total E-Bound



Fire takes the life of the wolfen tribal leader, and a new leader must be found before catastrophe befalls the pack. Only Cole, young irresponsible and unattached, has felt the talisman's heat. Is he the chosen one?

Fire devastates the forest, taking the life of the wolf tribe leader and his mate. With the amulet holder dead, a new leader must be chosen. Cole is young, headstrong and enamoured of his carefree ways. He discovered the bodies, and he's the changeling who brings the amulet back to his pack.

Zane has been a convenient sex partner for Cole, who continues to resist the ties of commitment. When the men come across another pack decimated by the fire, including a beautiful female unlike any they've seen before, Cole discovers that there may be more to life than playing the field.

With dissension among the pack and an unwilling Cole who might very well be the chosen amulet holder, will the wolfen tribe find its new leader? Or will confusion, mistrust and greed destroy them all?

Chapter One

Cole sat with his back to the cliff face, naked as the day he was born. The rough stone scratched his back, the rubble under him dug into his bum. He focused on a distant point where flames had licked at the treetops, leaving nothing but blackened fingers reaching into the sky.

The fire had recently passed over the valley, leaving the territory of the wolf tribe a mixture of ashes and partially burnt foliage. If Gar hadn’t been away from home, if the wind had turned the other way, Cole was sure life would have gone on as usual. Many of the small family clans had fought the flames, while some of them fled. But without Gar, the pall of death now loomed over the entire tribe.

His immediate thoughts were of his find, and the meaning behind it. The talisman. The brilliant red stone in the shape of a wolf’s head, set in the centre of the gold filigree, rested in his palm. He wanted to throw it as far as his strength would allow. Instead, he tossed it into the air and snatched it back then lifted it so the sun shone through the gem, sending brilliant shards of colour across the dull, burned soil.

“What’s the matter?” Zane, his friend and companion, leaned down, and reaching out tried to snatch the stone from his grasp.

Cole pulled the amulet close, unwilling to allow it to leave his hand. Cursing under his breath, he wondered why. He’d have given anything if he’d never found the damn thing—never found their tribal leader, Gar, and his mate’s scorched corpses. Charred flesh and bone were all that remained and the smell was something he’d never forget, he was sure of it.

The shock and grief were still hard to bear. The ramifications of what this meant to their tribe, enormous. Cole sighed. No one would ever be able to replace Gar. Yet someone would have to try.

Shaking off his black mood , he dropped the amulet onto the pile of clothing he’d shed and grabbed hold of Zane’s wrist. Pulling the pale-skinned, white haired man around, he draped him across his knees. “Nothing besides the obvious. Oh, and I’m horny.” It seemed inappropriate, but Cole needed something to distract him from the horrible events that had taken place.

Zane’s response was predictable, as was his own comment. “Yeah, so what else is new? Ever since I met you, your cock’s been at no less than half-mast.”

“Nothing wrong with that, or so you’ve been telling me for the past couple of weeks. No one else complains about me being hard all the time.”

Zane wriggled, dragging his thighs and genitals over Cole’s erection. “Like I’m complaining!” He squirmed a little more, and chuckled when Cole groaned.

“Fuck, you know how to get to me.” He slid his hand over Zane’s lower back and then his arse. The man’s squirming took on a more determined thrust, driving his shaft hard into Cole’s thigh.

“I understand how you’re feeling. This whole situation is overwhelming, and you’d rather not think about it for a while longer. But you’re the one who’s driving us both crazy!” Zane drove his hips forward again. “Either spank me or fuck me, please!”

Grinning, Cole continued his teasing caress, sliding his palm over the firm cheeks of the man’s arse and down his thighs. He nudged them apart and slipped a hand between those sturdy columns of muscle and bone, cupping the warm, round sac. “Spank you? Have you misbehaved? Do you need a spanking?” Cole was intrigued. He’d never spanked anyone before.

“For fuck’s sake, just do me, would you?” Zane snarled, his temper obviously getting the best of him.

Cole loved trying new things and wasn’t about to let him off so easily. He rested his free arm across the man’s back, holding him in place, while continuing to toy with the hefty ball sac and the crack of his arse.

Zane’s writhing grew more desperate when Cole pushed a finger against the tight rosebud nestled between his cheeks. He groaned when the finger popped inside.

“So, fucking or spanking?” Cole twisted his finger around the tight passage. His own cock shifted, pulsing under the weight of his new lover.

“Whatever you want. Fuck, spank, I don’t care,” Zane growled. “Just don’t leave me hanging.”

“And you said I was always horny. What about you and this monster you have dangling between your legs?” Popping his finger free, Cole pushed his hand between them and grabbed Zane’s impressive hard-on.

“Yes,” the man hissed and pumped his hips.

“Yes, you want to fuck, or yes, you want a spanking?” Cole asked, insistent. “Make a choice or you get neither.”

“Fuck then, fuck me,” Zane replied quickly. He raised his arse, perhaps hoping Cole would relent and slip a finger back into his tight hole.

“I think I want to spank you first.” Zane replied quickly. He raised his arse, perhaps hoping Cole would relent and slip a finger back into his tight hole.

“I think I want to spank you, first.” Cole released the hard shaft and laid his palm on the nearest cheek. He waited until he sensed the time was right, then raised his hand, preparing for the first blow.

Peering over his shoulder, Zane must have seen what he was doing, because suddenly, his bum cheeks clenched tight. “Then spank me,” he said with a hint of mischief in his voice.

“Turn around, don’t look.” Cole expected an argument but got none. The beautiful, white-haired man simply turned his face away and put both his hands on the ground. Cole lowered his arm, again stroking the taut, tanned bottom, exploring the crease and the inside of the muscular thighs. The firm, round balls shifted, the sac grew tight and wrinkled under his touch. “I’ve never spanked anyone before, but it excites me to think about it.”

“Just do something.” Zane’s voice was hoarse. He lifted his arse again.

“Spread your feet apart.” Cole pushed against the smooth, inner thighs trapping his hand. A moment later, he had room to explore and tease, but instead he pulled away. The view was spectacular--two lush mounds of skin, divided by the dark cleft between and the soft pucker of a tight anus.

“Cole, you’re driving me crazy.” Zane shifted, pushing his cock forward.

“Yeah, I know. Fun, isn’t it?”

There was a long pause, and several more shiftings of the man’s feet, before he replied in a soft voice, “Yes, you bugger.”

Chuckling, yet feeling hornier than he had in weeks, Cole brought his hand down with as much force as he could from such a short distance. The cheek he struck wobbled deliciously, and the howl that came from Zane was music to his ears. The blow turned into a caress, his hand moving around the buttock, examining the sudden heat.


Jamie and I had a blast with this series and can't wait to hear what you all think. Buy now at: Total E-Bound.