Monday, January 19, 2009

Coming Together: At Last

Coming Together At Last, Volume 1 & 2
: 978-1-60659-093-5
Edited by Alessia Brio

Authors: Steve F. Young, Aliyah Burke, Ralph Greco, Tex Randall, Jude Mason, Sacchi Green, Chloe Waits, Jolie, du Pré, Jae Knight, Allison Wonderland, Selena Kitt, J. M. Jeffries, Andrea Dale, Robert Buckley and Bridget Midway

A collection of interracial erotic fiction
All benefits go to Amnesty International

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And for a taste of the story I've got in the anthology,
please check out: Island of Fantasies

Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True!

This document entitles you exclusive entrance into

the Arcadia Island Masquerade Ball.

Join us at Plantation House on Arcadia Island

and explore your wildest fantasies.

Your all-inclusive, all-expenses paid trip

begins the first weekend of the coming month.

Madame Dione de Celeste, Proprietress

Plantation House, Arcadia Island

She'd made up her mind to attend as soon as she had the fake card in her hand.

And that's how she managed to be there, dressed in her finest white silk gown, waiting her turn to walk the gangplank off the boat. Around her, a dozen or so equally resplendent men and woman milled around. There had been very little conversation on the way over, it seemed even the wealthy liked to keep their quirks and kinks to themselves. Only when they'd drawn into the bay had conversation erupted.

A tall, beautifully pale woman said in a breathy voice, "It's lovely isn't it? Twice here and I'll never get over how incredible the island is."

A deeply tanned young man, dressed in a black silk suit, that must have cost a month's wage for Syne, replied, "Yeah, it's pretty amazing. When you think that everything had to be shipped in, you realize just how rich this guy is."

The island was breathtaking. The long, white sandy beach rose from the crystal blue waters of the bay. Lush tropical ferns carpeted the area a few dozen yards from the shoreline, and tall trees she had no name for, loomed high overhead further inland. Some looked like willows and others were some kind of palm, but she couldn't tell what kind, and really didn't care. A well-swept wooden walkway led up the beach and into the trees.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ares, and I'll be your guide," came the voice of an incredibly tall, incredibly well built black man, dressed in a flaming red sarong slung low on his hips and nothing else. He stood at the end of the gangplank, off to one side in the white sand. "Please, come ashore. It's a short walk to the plantation house, where rooms and refreshments await you all. Please present your invitations as you pass me."

Syne stood back, allowing the other partygoers to push past her. When she was left standing alone, she took a deep breath and walked across the gangplank, praying David's work would pass muster. Standing in front of the black man, she was astounded at just how big he was. At five-feet seven inches herself, he towered over her by at least a foot. His midnight-black skin shone. He looked as if he'd oiled himself. Hairless, his chest and arms rippled with muscles and his six-pack would be the envy of any man she'd ever known.

"Thank you, Milady." His voice was as soft as melted butter, and as smooth. Taking her invitation, he glanced at it and smiled, then slipped it into a fold of his sarong. Nodding, he checked the gangplank before asking, "Is there anyone else?"

* * *

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Friday, January 09, 2009

BDSM review for Vertical Tease

Vertical Tease By: Jude Mason
Author: Jude Mason
Publisher: Phaze

BDSM Reviews
Rating: 5 out of 5

Like many of us Carl has had a hard time communicating his needs to his wife. That doesn't stop him from making the decision to find a way to assuage the desperate hunger for being dominated. Surfing the net he finds Jasmine. After several months of phone conversations she's finally ready for the next step. Without hesitation he agrees. The night meets all of his expectations with a few surprises thrown in. Lets just hope his wife understands his needs.

I really enjoyed Carl's story. His desire for fulfillment despite the boundaries of marriage, made his character come to life. I was able to say, been there, done that. Trust is such a difficult thing to place in the hands of the ones we love so dearly. What would hurt more to us though, is their rejection. His need comes through easily as Jude writes his character. Although, I still think it's just plain evil to not let a man cum.

If I were a man, I would have wanted Jasmine as the woman to introduce me to the torments of BDSM. As it were, I'll stick with wishing I were as cruel and loving as she is. She gave me chills as I read her part and had me riveted to my computer screen wondering what terrible things she was about to do next. Loved her.

As for a word about Jude Mason. She has so many stories behind her. Each one exciting and unique. She's always had a wonderful grasp on her characters and no matter what story I pick up of hers the only way I would know it was her writing is that her characters are always stunning and they always have their own voice. As many authors I've read and as many stories of each author that I've read, the hardest thing that seems for others to do is to keep their own selves from showing through the story. Jude, allows her characters, not her muse to lead her through. She has my utmost respect as an author and I hope one day I can do my characters as much justice as she does.

Review written by: Miranda Heart