Thursday, March 29, 2007

~*~Spring Fling~*~

The publishing house of Loveyoudivine
is having a Spring Fling!

A wild and crazy party where authors get together with readers for some fun and games, some awesome prizes and just a generally grand time. Trust me; you don't want to miss this one.
This coming Monday, April 2 at the loveyoudivine yahoo group is the place to be.
The url for the party place is:

Derek Musgrave and I are sponsoring one of the baskets, which will hold approximately $25 worth of goodies, everything from CD's and print books to candles, bath salts, potpourri, garden seeds and much, much more. Claudia, the owner and publisher, is going crazy this time around and I'd love for you all to win one or two prize packages. The contests will be great fun and very often the authors will not only run them for the one day, but have them going for days.

I've also got my own personal contest in mind. For a chance to win a prize package that I'll be drawing for on Friday, April 6th, all you have to do is join my newsletter list. Yup, I've started up a brand spanking new newsletter group and I'd sure like some more members. Anyone interested in getting to know me a little better, maybe reading excerpts from some amazing author friends, and just plain having a good time, please join me at:

Once there, you'll have to post so I know you made it. I'm going to let this one run for a few days so everyone has time to join up. I'll announce via that group, when the draw is. Nasty huh?

So, keep Monday, April 2nd free, from noon till 8 PM, EDT, and be prepared to partay!!

Monday, April 2.2007Spring Fling
Time: 12 noon - 8 PM EDT
That's 11 PM Central, 10 PM Mountain and 9 PM Pacific time

Come and party with some of the best writers anywhere.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Phaze (my publisher) has a contest

Readers: Name a HeatSheet and Win!

Phaze was scintillating in 2005-06 with S, and is feeling fabulous this year with F. If reader response is any indication, we're expected to be even better by '08. This is why we're planning ahead, and why we have declared 2008 to be the Year of the Big O.

Yes, we're talking about that. And, to emphasize our appreciation for the Big O, all 2008 HeatSheets will begin with the letter O. It's going to be a long wait, but we guarantee it will be well worth it to read some of the hottest erotic romance centered around six different themes. If you're patient, and very good (or very bad, in the good way), you'll be treated to tales of gorgeous hunks and delightful heroines, kick-ass adventures and curious paranormal creatures. And, of course, lots of hot sex! January will be here before you know it, so you can plan the next year to collect all of the stories.

The Big O themes for 2008 are:

Overture - The hills (and valleys) are alive with the sound of music. Sensual strings play in harmony with erotic tales of melody and rhyme.
Obey - Submit to the hottest BDSM romance stories available. Do as you're told and enjoy the rope play, handcuffs, and hot wax...or else you'll get spanked!
Obsession - If you're looking for perfume or an 80s one-hit wonder song, keep moving. If you lust for an unattainable love or desire, let us show how to fulfill your dreams.
OZ - Welcome to new worlds where your deepest fantasies come true. Slide down the rainbow, slip through a crack in the time continuum, or simply check the wardrobe for the man, or woman, or both, of your dreams.
Oh! Oh! Oh! - Celebrate the holidays with Phaze. Sit on the right lap, or check the right stocking, and if you've been naughty or nice, who cares? Chase away the winter blues with a hothothot romance.

and last but not least, ???? (this is where you come in)

Okay, so we haven't thought this thing all the way through. We're short an O name, and we really want to get started with promotion. This is why we're letting the readers decide what should be the sixth O HeatSheet.

Now through April 15th, you have the opportunity to tell us what title should brand the next line of Phaze HeatSheet stories. The rules are simple: send an e-mail to:

with the header O SHEET, tell us your O-Name, and what theme the story should represent. For example: OBAMA - Politics and government stories
(Of course, we don't expect you to use this one, it is an election year after all!)

All names will be judged by Phaze authors, and one winner will be selected. Any duplicate entries by multiple contestants will be placed in a hat and the winner drawn at random. Entrants must be 18 or older. There is no fee to participate, contest is open to all readers in and outside the US.

The reader with the winning HeatSheet name will receive the following prizes/honors:
-A signed Phaze paperback of the reader's choice
-Downloads of all the themed stories bearing the winning O name
-A big thank you in the Acknowledgements section of every story bearing the winning O name
-Readers who entered the same winning name but who do not win the grand prize will each receive two downloads of the themed line bearing the winning O name of their choice, and credit in the acknowledgements as well!

So put your thinking caps on, dust off that dictionary, and give us an O. You may enter as many words as you wish, but ONLY ONE will be selected. Don't wait until the last minute like you do with your taxes, too, OKAY?