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Spank Me Once...Oh My!

Spank Me Once
Authors: Stormy Glenn, Jude Mason,
Jamie Hill & Martin Delacroix
Genre: m/m, m/f, mild BDSM, contemporary
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Release date: April 3.2009


New Year's Resolutions, by Stormy

Jamie is looking for someone to give him a little discipline. Nothing major, just a light spanking will do just fine. When he spots Simon at a New Year’s Eve party, he knows he’s met a man who can make his New Year’s resolutions come true.

Oh Behave by Jude Mason

Cathy James meets a man at the local pool on one of her layovers, Nate Shaw. A couple of things get Cathy's attention about Nate. He does as he's told, and he’s easily excited by being asked to behave. A few months down the road, Nate has a mishap and is in for a spanking. Poor Nate is beside himself after a couple of hours of teasing and torment. Will he be able to stand his punishment? Will Cathy accept him for the weak willed man he is?

One Good Outcome, by Jamie Hill

Steve Cannon’s been naughty. He’s naughty a lot, because a spanking from Mistress Ginger is one of his favorite things in the world.

Someone sends photos taken at the BDSM club to Steve at his office. He and Ginger are forced to track down the bad boy and determine his punishment.

Exactly what Devon Pierce had in mind. He’s naughty, too, and desperate for his handsome boss and Mistress Ginger to notice.

Serving Lisa by Martin Delacroix

Lane's a college student with a secret: he needs discipline from a mature woman. Visiting a website called Cruel Mistress, he finds a listing by a German couple, Lisa and Andreas. They seek a young man who "craves naked discipline" to "service the lady of the house." When Lane responds, his life is quickly transformed in ways he'd never imagined.

The opening of
Oh Behave

Cathy James kept Nate, her boyfriend of six months, waiting for days—actually, it was close to two weeks. She’d asked him to withhold his orgasm until they saw one another again. Of course, he’d been more than willing to comply. She knew he’d be frustrated, yet she also knew he loved the tense, anticipatory feeling of orgasm denial.

While most men found it impossible to keep their hands off their cock, Nate had assured her he could, and he would.

Flight attendants’ schedules often changed. This time was no different and she’d arrived two days early. After entering Nate’s apartment, Cathy kicked off her shoes and headed toward his bedroom after hearing strange noises. She pushed

the door open and gasped.

Stretched out in all his naked glory with a pillow tucked under his head, lubricant glistened on his hands and crotch.

Wooden clothespins dangled from his nipples and with every move they quivered. His cock looked angry, as if he’d extended self-pleasuring for a long period of time. Like the many times she’d tormented him, pushed him to the limits. He

squirmed, thrust his hips upward and groaned as though he was about to send a geyser of spunk into the air. God, the man was magnificent.

She stood in the doorway and watched his lanky, swimmer’s body writhe. The vision reminded her of the day they met. She’d gone to the pool with her friend, Sandra, and been abandoned when Sandra met up with a fella. Cathy had decided to stay at the pool. The tiny string bikini stretched over her abundant curves prov

ed a wise decision that day and she’d basked in the attention of several men.

Nate had been one of those men. Tall and slender, his blond hair fell to his shoulders in thick waves. She’d noticed his wide chest and washboard stomach and wished his baggy swim trunks hadn’t covered everything from bellybutton to knees. When she’d told him he should behave or she’d spank him, he got a dazed look on his

face and thrust his hands over his crotch. Cathy smiled when he snuck off into a corner, but was soon distracted by another man approaching her. She’d forgotten all about Nate until hours later when she walked to her car.

* * *

Available from Noble Romance Publishing on April 3rd, just click the banner and off you go!

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