Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fill our a survey and receive a free ebook from Phaze

Hello everybody. Phaze is conducting a reader's survey to get an idea of what people want, what people look for, and what we can do to make people happy. Our publisher, the adorable Kat Lively, has constructed the survey and it will only take a moment of your time. you can see it/take it here:

It's a cut and paste job, and all of the instructions are on the page.

All readers who take the survey will receive a free eBook for their time, and be put in a drawing to win three paperbacks of their choice. To make it more beneficial for the authors, she's adding an author incentive.In the survey she's included a tag for an author referral. The Phaze author who gets the most referrals will receive a prize, so I'd appreciate a vote. The more we know what readers want, we'll be able to give it to them. This survey will run until November 15th.