Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's here!! Yes, Ma'am, my first collection in print!

And now in print...

Jude Mason's Yes, Ma'am:
A Collection of Fem-Domme Erotica,+Ma%27am+by+Jude+Mason
Fem-domme fiction at its finest! Phaze is proud to present the novellas of Jude Mason in print. An Acquired Taste, Pink Ribbon, Stage Fright, and Amber's Toy, plus never before published extras!

Elements: BDSM (fem dominant)
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Exceptional Erotic Fiction

Friday, February 01, 2008

New Release: Who Races - Who Wins

Who Races-Who Wins
Jude Mason
Publisher: Dark Eden Press
Genre: Fiction, erotica, fetish, BDSM
Price: $5.50
Format: e-book: 5 formats, HTML, LIT, PDF, PRC
Available: Dark Eden Press


Visit the world of fetish and perversion, in Who Races – Who Wins, where men take on the roll of ponies and women rule as their Mistress trainers. Add a woman of the old world rich, who believes breeding is everything, and who just happens to own her own stable of fine young studs. When she turns to kidnapping and torture, can the lovely young Christine and her adoring steed/husband Slither escape or will evil truly prevail? Who will win that final race, and who will be enslaved?


“Good morning, my sweet,” she purred, just loud enough for him to hear above the pounding of his blood. “I’m so glad it’s Sunday. It’s been a crazy week and I’ve been looking forward to your training session.” She unsnapped his ankle restraints and waited while he levered his long legs together enough to place his feet in front of his bottom. He blinked against the glare, eyes watering as they adjusted.

The fan motor whirred above him, washing the heat of his cocoon past him and into the small, marble-tiled room. Christine gripped the handle at the foot of his chamber and pulled. On silent rollers, he emerged, flat on his back, at her waist height. The soft, brown leather encasing his limbs from fingertips to shoulder and toe to upper thigh contrasted sharply with his flesh. His sheathed arms were still above him, the ring at the fingertips secured them just inches from the top of his head.

When his vision cleared, he looked up at the long, dark hair framing the fragile features he’d loved since they’d met in college. Inseparable since their first date, his tall, muscular, good looks and her petite, yet voluptuous, loveliness often left people staring as they went about their lives.
She’d complained her hair was too curly to be long, but he loved it and often begged for permission to brush it. The fringe around her face set off her brown, almond-shaped eyes and long, wispy lashes. A nose, she thought too wide, but he loved to nudge with his own. Her full, rose tinted lips always seemed to pout, no matter if she was administering discipline, or was happy with him. He loved her small round breasts, and the gentle curve of her belly -- unfashionable, perhaps, but soft to lay his head on when she allowed. Her lovely round bottom was her best asset, in his opinion, and one he paid homage to at every opportunity.

Her hands roamed over his body, inspecting for rashes or sores where flesh met leather, rubbing at shoulder and upper thigh. He lay as still as he could while the examination continued, but when her fingers probed and stroked his privates, he trembled.