Saturday, May 03, 2008

Freya's Bower is having a sale!

With permission to forward:

Hey everyone!

To celebrate our inaugural audio excerpt podcast, Freya's Bower is offering a 20% discount coupon for all of our account members who are also signed up for our store newsletter and purchase more than $3.25 in ebooks. Thinking of buying an ebook from Freya's Bower? Now is the time to do it. If you already have an account, just sign up for the newsletter. You can sign into your account here, or create a new one.

You can use the coupon as many times as you like until May 31st. Or listen to our audio excerpt podcast (7 min 53 seconds) for a great discount too. (Remember the one with the excerpt to my story? That's the one!) If you sign up for our newsletter now, you'll be sure to catch more deals that will only be offered to our account/newsletter members.

We will be doing something similar for Wild Child soon, so sign up for the newsletter there as well.

Marci Baun
Freya's Bower
Wild Child Publishing