Friday, May 05, 2006

May's Newsletter and Party Time Ahead

Jude Mason's May Newsletter is out now!

In this addition, you'll find:

*Greetings and Updates

*Jennifer's Crucible now available at Darker Pleasures

*Vacation to Remember final chapter also available at Darker Pleasures

*Purchasing news concerning Playtime, Friday Night, through Venus Press

*Upcoming release:

*An Acquired Taste, through Venus Press

*Free read, hot excerpt from An Acquired Taste

*Newsletter recipients get a special treat this month. An excerpt of Another Deal, read by Mog, will definitely heat up the sound waves.

*I'm going to be away on vacation for a couple of weeks, but have volunteered some space on my website for a scavenger hunt which is going to be run by the authors of Venus Press. Prizes, sexy reads and chat with some of the most amazing authors for the week. Information follows:

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