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Hunter's Light, available NOW

Hunter's Light
Book two in the Kindred Spirits Series
Jenna Bynes and Jude Mason

ISBN: 978-1-907280-00-9

Publisher: Total E-Bound

Genre: Paranormal/Gay


A haunted lighthouse, a handsome keeper and one freelance writer with a penchant for ghosts keep things hopping at Whiskers' Seaside Inn.

David Sanderson arrives at Whiskers' Seaside Inn, excited by the prospect of investigating the local ghosts. He's a freelance writer with a keen sense of the supernatural and enthusiasm to spare. When the ghosts fail to make an appearance, David is directed to the Harbour Point Light, where an active spirit is known to exist. And one handsome lighthouse keeper.

Hunter Pierce isn't sure he wants someone writing an article about his lighthouse and the ghost who inhabits it. He lives a quiet, solitary life in his little house by the tower and doesn't relish the idea of tourists taking over the place.

Their priorities might clash, but David and Hunter mesh in all the ways that count. Can an intense physical relationship be enough? And are there more ghosts at the lighthouse than the captain? Someone doesn't like David hanging around. David vows to figure out why, and hopefully, in the process, figure out what to do with the new love he's found.

Reader Advisory: This book contains explicit scenes of m/m intimacy, voyeurism and some paranormal elements.

Excerpt From: Hunter's Light

David pushed open the driver’s door of the van, and heat struck him like a blast furnace. Sweat popped on his forehead. More gathered under his arms, trickling down his sides.

“Damn,” he muttered, climbing out and standing beside the vehicle. He stretched his arms over his head then wriggled his shoulders. It’d been a long drive, and he was glad to be at Whiskers’ Seaside Inn, even if he might bake before he got inside. He glanced at the building, a nice, two-storey affair set close enough to the ocean to gather any winds coming from that direction. Even as he thought it, a cooling breeze swept over him.

Quickly, he slid open the side door and grabbed his overnight bag. He’d come back for the other one when he was signed in and had a room. He pushed the slider closed, clicked the lock and headed for the entrance. Off to the right, waves crashed against the shore, and he wondered, idly, if the tide were going out or coming in.

He stepped inside the entrance and welcomed the chill of air conditioned comfort. He waited a moment for his eyes to adjust to the dim light then crossed to the desk, where a good-looking, dark-haired man in a crisp, white shirt looked up and smiled.

“May I help you?” the man asked in a kind voice.

“Yes, I’ve got a reservation. David Sanderson.” David dropped his bag and looked around the lobby, admiring the fireplace and the cosy seating arrangement in a semi-circle, facing it. He looked a little closer and was surprised to see it wasn’t a ‘real’ fireplace but electric or gas.

“Ah yes, here you are. Reserved for the weekend but left open for longer. I’ll need your license plate number,” the man added

David reeled it off and dug out his credit card. “I’ve heard you have an assortment of ghosts in the building.”

The man glanced at him with surprise on his face. “Excuse me?”

David handed over the plastic and waited for it to be processed. He pushed it back into his wallet and added, “I’ve read articles on Whiskers’.” He smiled. “I’m sorry, I should explain myself. I’m doing research into the paranormal, and your inn came up a number of times while I was looking for places to dig into. Hope that’s not a problem.”

At first, the handsome man appeared as if he might object, but then he replied, “It should be all right. I can’t have you disturbing my other guests, though. Any sign of trouble, and you’ll get tossed.”

David raised his hands in surrender. “I’m not here to cause any trouble, honest. I’d just like to walk around, check out the building and grounds, if that’s all right.”

It took a moment, but the man finally smiled and held out his hand. “Yeah, it’s fine. My name is Ethan Roberts. I’m the owner of the place.”

David reached forward, and they shook. “I was afraid I’d gotten off on the wrong foot. I’m really sorry if I did. I’m honestly just here to check on the paranormal incidents I’ve read about.”

“Well, Mr. Sanderson, you’re more than welcome to look around. Just let me know if you’re planning on doing anything weird. I’ll warn the ghosts.” Ethan smiled.

David grinned. “Right. If I decide to get into one of those fancy Ghostbuster outfits, I’ll yell. No problem. I’d love a beachfront room on the ground floor if you have one. It’s been a while since I was anywhere this nice, and I’d like to take full advantage, if I can.”

Ethan checked the register and said, “You’re in luck. I’ve got one left. It’s a single, but no kitchen facilities.”

“Sounds perfect. I wasn’t planning on doing any cooking. All I need is a bed, maybe a desk or table.”

“You got it, as well as a TV and bathroom.” He reached down and fumbled under the counter, at last coming up with a room key. “You’ll be in room six.”

When David had the key in hand, Ethan walked out from behind the desk and strode to the centre of the lobby. He nodded towards the hallway to their right. “Room six is three-fourths of the way down.”

David revised his opinion on Ethan’s looks, deciding he wasn’t just good-looking, he was a hunk. Tight jeans hugged his hips, and if the bulge in the man’s crotch was any indication of his size, his wife was a lucky woman. He quickly joined Ethan and peered down the long, well-lit hall. “Fine. Oh, is there a coffee maker?”

“Yes, every room has one. There should be two packets and the fixin’s, as well.”


Ethan had just opened his mouth to add something when two more good-looking men came into the lobby from the seaside entrance. One, a tall, bronze-skinned fellow wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and a ragged T-shirt, had dark eyes and a warm smile.

The other one captivated David’s interest. Tall with shaggy, blond hair, he sported a short, well-trimmed beard that made David’s heart skip a beat. He’d always been a sucker for facial hair. He decided the rest of the guy wasn’t bad, either. The khaki shorts and tank did little to hide the man’s body. His physique was amazing, and David’s breath caught. He wouldn’t mind getting acquainted with this hottie.

The men were talking, almost loud enough for David to make out their conversation but not quite. Unfortunately, they didn’t approach but paused and said their goodbyes. The bearded hunk veered away and walked out of the inn. David watched him until he was nearly out of sight.

The owner of the inn spoke in a cheerful voice, dragging David’s attention back inside. “Hey, Cade, I didn’t expect to see you until later.” He took a step towards the newcomer and held out his hand. Instead of shaking, as David had expected, Ethan dragged the man close and gave him a hug.

“I finished sooner than I thought I would.” The man returned the embrace then backed away, looking David squarely in the eye. “Hi, I’m Cade Wyatt, handyman and partner to this guy.” He patted Ethan on the arm affectionately.

David gaped for a moment. He wasn’t used to seeing men act so familiarly with each other, but liked it. “Nice to meet you. I’m David Sanderson. Just arrived from the interior.”

“Mr. Sanderson’s going to be doing some ghost research. He’ll be around for a few days, at least.”

Cade looked at David, a wry grin on his face. “So, our ghost stories are getting around, are they?”

David wasn’t sure if the man was trying to make fun of him or simply making conversation. Deciding to tread carefully, he replied, “It would seem so. The rumours, anyway.”

Cade nodded. “The ghosts are here. I’m sure you’ll find one or two for your research.”

David thought he was serious. He couldn’t be sure, looking into the man’s eyes. They seemed to contain a spark of mischief. A long, blond ponytail down his back bespoke a streak of independence.


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Jude Mason interviews Cary Stone


The epic Rock 'n Roll Fantasy
Cary Stone & Jake Horton
Release date: August 27th.2009
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing

Hi Cary, it’s great to have you here. Care to share a little bit about yourself with the readers?

Yeah sure thing Jude, this is surrealistic, you interviewing me, kinda like a dream come true. But in my dream I wasn’t tied to this chair while you ask ze qvuestions…Huh, ouch it all went dark, Jude Jude, Oh no not that again! Okay sorry Jude let’s get on with this interview thing…

1. How long have you been writing?

Around 9 years now, a year or two before I picked you up in that dank, dark, damp archive of ERWA (Erotic readers & writers association,) and you were kind enough to reply to my comments on your works ‘The Auction’ and ‘The Scene” those 2 stories I really loved, they pushed some buttons in me that I did not know were there.

I suppose that is why I allowed you to tie me to this chair.

That ‘Auction’ of yours was I have to admit the inspiration of chapter 3 of ‘MinX’ “The order of MinX” ThanX for that, but you have always been an inspiration, a mentor and a good mate! I guess I am your child protégé then…lol! OUCH!

2. What genre do you like to write? What about read?

I started out in erotica and that still gets me going. But in recent years the erotica tends to lead into crime, gangsters, romance, some violence and physical conflict…well read MinX and you can see my development, all of the above. As has ‘Gladiatrix’ which has its 1st chapter on your website thank you! Mistress now can you please untie me I need to go pee?

What do I read? Well not real good at the joined up writing stuff but I get by with print. Sorry Jude, seriously, well I read some books by some Canadian ‘Shelia’ called Jude Mason she’s very naughty and needs a smacked ass. I put up with her, for why I have no idea. I think it is just that I am a great fan of her writing and she is such a giving soul… Also I read other stuff, I have just finished Eckhart Tolle’s book “A new Earth” It kinda summed up all of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopera that I have been reading for the past 30 years…

3. If you could have one wish, would you give it to me?

No I wouldn’t give my one wish to you as much as I hold you dear… My one wish is that one day I can take you and Ron out to dinner drink too much wine and talk of many things…So maybe it was for you…God help us should that day ever come…

4. Do you have plans to write a second MinX novel?

You are fucking joking of course! Jake has an alternative ending to ‘MinX” which could form the start of a sequel if he chooses to go down that route himself and I am sure if he did he would do a fine job. But ‘me’ no way MinX is a done deal it’s a great tale and I learnt a fucking awful lot from you re the editing processes and your guiding and everything you taught me about writing…I also learnt a lot from Jake my collaborator that I will not go into here.

5. Are you in love? Have you ever been?

Yes with my Mini Muse of a million years. She has been the inspiration of most of my stories… The first being ‘GladiatriX” She is the most precious thing I have that I can never own…Read the complete GladiatriX and then you will know why…

6. What’s your favorite comfort food?

Sausage, bacon, pineapple, mushroom, capsicum kebabs done on the BBQ… Aussie tucker… and of course we must not forget the wine!

7. In your book MinX, which character did you really enjoy writing the most?

Danny Bannion, the debonair, smooth crime lord. He is in 2 other of my stories; I like him very much because I can relate to him thru people I have associated with… Danny is not real but once in my life I knew someone like him…’There but for the grace of God go I’

8. What’s a typical day like in the life of Cary Stone?

There is no typical day! I renovate, some days refurbish others and often get ready for weddings at the Hideaway, some nights I sit and draw a famous face or write a story or edit a story, some nights I will sit at my computer drinking fine Chardonnay until 4 in the morning doing one of the above…I just never know, I go with the flow, some nights strange Canadian folk get on my Yahoo and get on my case, I try to be kind in my sarcasm but I love em really and they know it…

9. a) What makes you laugh?

You, Your writing…Oh you mean seriously, sorry Mistress OUCH! Okay what makes me laugh…difficult question… Ahh Ahh! My grandson Ethan he makes me laugh out loud with joy to see such a new soul beginning his journey into this world and already he has embraced so much and has so many questions “What for gannad, what for” and he will have so much to offer…also ‘Two and a Half Men’ Charlie is so comical and well the Shelia’s are just well…Hot!

b) What makes you cry?

The state of my writing… Ethan when we say goodbye or he says sorry Gannad, a just turned 3year old never needs to apologize to his granddad for anything! I am old enough to know that… He is far too young to know…

10. What was the most difficult part of creating the MinX book? The easiest?

The most difficult part of creating ‘MinX’ was probably my personal attitude that developed thru sharing a plot with another author. But that is what we both signed up for so we did it regardless and I think the result was worth the war. Soon our stormy relationship started to show up in the story as the main two characters Drew and Stone fought and insulted each other and that turned into a definite positive that defined the characters. To call our relationship tempestuous would be like calling a hurricane fucking subtle.

The easiest? Jake writing the logistics and getting the band from one part of the world to the next, plus the bands performances on stage, he definitely had a forte in that dept…

11. Where did you meet your lady love?

Liverpool home of the Beatles

12. Do you have a blurb or excerpt from the book you can share with us? Make sure you have links to where it will be published and the date.

I have two blurbs I wish to share, my first is Jakes…

Serena was in her glory, belting out the familiar sexual innuendo laden lyrics.

The standing room only crowd sang the catch lines in unison. Without losing a beat Minx segued into their version of “Sisters are Doin‘ It for themselves.”

The sweet rock music soared into the Philadelphia night, sending the packed stadium wild, just as it would in the months ahead at Shea Stadium in New York and even Wembley Stadium in London.

That night, they were all on fire as they segued seamlessly into their third number, the latest song, 'Liquid Velvet' the latest of fifteen chart toppers. Riding a tsunami of popularity, it seemed the girls could do no wrong. They had been at the top of the rock pile for the last eight years. This was the first gig on their latest tour, their first world excursion the ‘Think MinX’ tour. The album, "MinX and Diamonds", had already gone Platinum, as had the previous seven.

The MinX girls could show the wild men of rock a thing or two and they had done just that in the last eight years in the fast lane of sex and drugs and rock and roll.

But what they didn't have, was someone to share a real love with. No man could keep up the pace of the MinX lifestyle. Nor, it seemed were any of them prepared to live in the shadow that MinX cast. The girls could always get all the sex they wanted, whenever they wanted it, but what they needed badly wasn't on the menu. That was tenderness and loving affection, a real relationship with a caring guy who loved them for who they were as women, not just for their notoriety. This need was starting to be plainly evident in the playlist and especially in their performance. It wasn't that it detracted from the new show, in fact, it added soul real soul that needed a healing.

That just does it for me, Jake makes the band so real and launches the story into its future… I just loved that the moment I read it.

As Jacquelyn and Serena got to the front door of the club, they could see crowds of people just twenty meters up the street. Red and blue lights were flashing and sirens could be heard approaching. A woman was screaming. Serena instantly recognised the scream and fought her way thru the crowd but Inez who threw her arms around her halted her in her tracks. “Oh Serena it’s terrible! Don’t look. It’s Crystal, poor Crystal!” Inez was distraught, her voice broken with intermittent sobs.

As she looked over Inez’s shoulder, Serena could see Danny’s black Jag overturned and smashed. Shattered windscreen shards were scattered across the asphalt, reflecting the blue and red flashing police car lights. Two of the Jags wheels were still spinning and a single headlight pierced into the crowd. There was smoke and flames wafting around the bonnet and ‘Crazy’ still surreally sounded into the night air from the sound system of the wreckage.

Danny and Johnny were frantically trying to bust open the door on the passenger side to get Crystal out. Danny wore no jacket. His crisp white shirt was soaked in blood. He was screaming out Crystal’s name and swearing at the top of his voice. Finally, they managed to wrench the door open, Danny lay on the road and crawled into the wreckage. Crystal was barely conscious and her face was covered in blood. He grasped her shoulders and attempted to pull her out. She screamed in agony as he pulled at her, but the mangled vehicle had jammed her in. Then he smelt the petrol fumes and his heart stopped as the terrible realization struck him. He screamed and cursed as he pulled at her again, this time with a newfound strength, the strength of panic, the rush of adrenalin and Bannion found the power to pull her halfway out. But the gut-wrenching scream she let out stopped him cold.

Read MinX, the whole story, the real deal at:
on August 27th

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Wolfen Choice -Joyfully Reviewed

The fire had destroyed a large section of the forest; many had died, including wolf pack leader Gar and his mate Ruby.

Pack members Cole and Zane are on their way back to the pack to impart the sad news that Gar and Ruby are gone. Cole carries the amulet which designates their leader. For some strange reason the amulet acknowledges Cole, but he feels that he is too young and without his true mate to lead.

As they travel home they come across two she wolves and two cubs that have lost everything, including the rest of their pack to the flames. The men talk Shira, Meghan and the cubs into going with them. Cole’s feelings for Zane are stronger than ever, yet there is something about Shira that arouses him as well. He must also contend with the power of the amulet. Old loves, new wolves, and the leadership of the pack weigh on Cole’s mind. Decisions concerning the pack’s future must be made before they can move forward.

Wolfen Choice begins where the last Untamed Hearts story left off and doesn’t come up for air until the last page ends. Even though Wolfen Choice is a paranormal tale about a wolf pack, the story centers on emotional issues and mature decisions. Lots of hot and heavy sex is also a key ingredient in Wolfen Choice, but ultimately this is a strong tale about making responsible decisions. Sizzling hot and emotionally satisfying, readers are sure to enjoy Wolfen Choice.

Reviewed by Lisa

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Friction Anthology - Available Now!

Friction Anthology

by J.P. Bowie | Jenna Byrnes | Kim Dare | Cassandra Gold | Ashley Ladd | SL Majors | Jude Mason |

Friction Anthology

Genre: Gay/ Contemporary/ BDSM/ Western
Cover art by: Natalie Winters
ISBN: 978-1-907010-72-9


Cruising by JP Bowie

Adam Brenner is looking for a life change...

Adam Brenner is looking for a life change when a long-time friend and associate, Tom Hathaway, offers him a position as casino manager aboard The Maid of the Seas, a luxury cruise ship out of Port Canaveral, Florida.

Trying to leave behind haunting memories of an alcoholic boyfriend on a path to destruction, Adam succumbs to the Latin charm of Vittorio Borghese, the ship's architect. After a night of hot sex, Adam thinks he might have found the one to help him forget the misery of the past, but Adam soon discovers that life on board a floating resort has its drawbacks to go hand-in-hand with the perks.

Dismayed by the hostility shown toward him by the ship's captain, and Vittorio's seeming indifference, Adam finds comfort in the company of Brett Jarvis, a talented singer/guitarist who plays nightly in the ship's lounge bar. The two men quickly form a warm and loving relationship, and Adam starts to look forward to 'a life on the ocean wave', thinking that it will now all be plain sailing. However, he soon discovers that out on the vast regions of the Atlantic, sudden squalls, both natural and man-made, happen all too frequently – and some people are definitely not the great guys they appear to be.

Maximum Exposure by Jenna Byrnes & Jude Mason

A secret pleasure denied could be the end for long time lovers Rob and Max, or will mistrust do it first?

Rob Jenkins is worried. The relationship he's been in for six years has become a little stale and not very intimate. He loves Max more than anything, but the man's sexual fetish of 'doing things' in public never interested him.

While Max is away at a two-week business conference, Rob concludes that in order to save their relationship, he needs to make some choices. He surprises Max with a weekend visit and the offer to play a 'game'. Will the sexy scenarios be enough, or will they merely expose the flaws in their relationship?

Yes! by Kim Dare

Can Andrew really spend twelve hours saying no to everything Stephen offers him? It's not going to be easy, when all he wants to say is - Yes!

Andrew likes sex. If someone he's attracted to wants to have sex with him, he's not going to say no to them. That's not a character flaw, it's just common sense.

Stephen seems to think otherwise. He's sure Andrew is incapable of saying no to a cheap thrill. But, at the same time, he's more than happy to provide Andrew with the prefect opportunity to prove him wrong.

Andrew has no doubt that he can say no to everything the younger man offers him for the next twelve hours, and that's all he needs to do to win their bet. He's also quite looking forward to cutting the would-be dominant down to size in the process. Because, while he may be easy when it comes to vanilla encounters, Andrew has high standards when it comes to dominants.

There's no way an inexperienced nineteen year old is going to receive his submission. Andrew will obviously find it easy to say no to that. Won't he...?

Reader Advisory: This story contains references to light hearted dominance and submission.

Sorry Charlie by Ashley Ladd

Charlie's dad wants to make up after a 17-year family feud...

He's overjoyed, excited, and nervous as hell that his father is finally accepting his sexual orientation and speaking to him after a 17-year family feud but Charlie can't understand why his long-term partner Jonathan is acting jealous and clingy, when he should be happy for him or at least supportive.

Jon's afraid Charlie's family will hurt him again and he doesn't know if he can mend Charlie's heart if it shatters a second time or stand by and watch while Charlie sets himself up for more heartbreak.

Heat of the Night by SL Majors

Bad boy Stephen Powell has finally met his match in Dakota Youngblood, a sexy Alpha and older man who shows Stephen a thing or two in the heat of a hot summer night.

It was supposed to be punishment...

Last week he'd been living the high life in Monte Carlo, and now, after yet another brush with trouble, ultimate bad boy Stephen Powell has been banished to Wyoming, which might as well be the middle of nowhere.

Stephen wasn't expecting to fall in love with the wild land or with its untamed rancher, Dakota Youngblood, a man as rugged as the mountains he calls home. Youngblood sizzles with intensity and teaches the brash younger man a thing or two about life, about passion, about commitment...

One Night Stand by Cassandra Gold

Can a one-night stand lead to lasting love?

Photographer Tom Garner is finally ready to date again after the death of his partner. On his first night out, he meets sexy Ian. Unfortunately for Tom, Ian isn't looking for a relationship.

Ian Abernathy has been burned by love one too many times. His new rule, one-night stands only, seems to be working well—until he meets Tom.

Can a one-night stand lead Tom and Ian to something real?

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Two Lips is celebrating a BIRTHDAY!!

Two Lips Review is celebrating their 3rd anniversary and I'm part of the fun. I can't post too much here, so you'll have to take the hint and go check out their WEBSITE for more information. Good luck and get busy!

TwoLips Reviews couldn't more proud to celebrate our third anniversary! Our contest begins on July 31st and ends at midnight EST on August 31st. Winners will be notified by September 13th! *Find out how to receive bonus entries below.

You must find all the vendors/authors icons and mail them in one email to: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it . In order to have a valid entry, contestants can do one of two things: list all authors with the URLs of the icons or list the authors and page numbers where the icons contain. Please be sure to include your full name and address along with your email address. Place "TwoLips Scavenger Hunt Entry" as the subject of your email. Due to the generosity of our authors, international contestants will also be eligible to win all prizes!!

What can you win? Go to our Talking TwoLips Yahoo Group and see!

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I'm on M. Christian's Blog.-Whoo Hooo!

Great news people. Awhile ago, M. Christian let it be known he was looking for content for his blog Frequently Felt. I have a file on my puter full of stories I'm not permitted to sell, but I can use them for promotions. I sent one to the infamous M. and he's kindly begun posting it. There will be four parts to this thing, so patience is a virtue... or something. If you'd like to check out my pervie little story Peeping Johnny, here's the link:

I'd love to have comments.

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Untamed Hearts Vol.1 in Print NOW

Untamed Hearts Volume One
NOW available in PRINT

by Jenna Byrnes | Jude Mason |

Untamed Hearts: Vol 1

Feral Heat: The female scent is a powerful thing. Kai, leader of the cougar clan, finds that out the hard way. Can he and his life mate, Aric, find the stolen talisman before it's too late?

Kai's a changeling, sometimes a highly-sexed human, sometimes an even friskier cougar. When he mounts the seductive Sable, he's unaware of her mission or what he may lose.

The talisman has kept the cougar clan at peace for generations. When it's stolen, Kai and Aric are forced to battle for the survival of the cougar clans, and for the life of their newfound love, Sable.

Bear Combustion: Fire rages, not only through the forest, but in the hearts of Tarek, the leader, Inuka, his fiery lover and Raven, the stoic companion who secretly adores him. Can the flames of their love survive?

Tarek would rather ignore the talisman's warning and frolic with Inuka. But as the leader of the bear changelings, the responsibility is his. Wildfire threatens everyone, and everything, in its path.

The bears retreat to their winter caves, as but not all are as able-bodied. When their escape doesn't go as planned, the burden of Tarek's obligation may be too much for one man to bear.

Read an excerpt from each book or purchase here