Thursday, January 05, 2006

Preditors and Editors Readers Poll

It's that time again folks. The Preditors and Editors readers poll where you get to vote for your favorite author, short story, novel, editor, and a whole lot more is now up and running. I've been nominated in two categories, Author and And There Were Beasts has been nominated in the short story romance section. I'd appreciate a vote, but if you have another favorite, please cast your vote for them.


John said...

A closer look at this site reveals that it is written and posted by just one very unsuccessful science fiction/fantasy author Dave Kuzminski AKA "The Butterfly".

Following Victoria Strauss’s Sci Fi book promotion methods in her volunteer writers beware page or did she copy Dave’s methods first? Both are self appointed writing scam “experts” without any independent over the shoulder type of fact checking or supervision. Some of their “scam reports” are nothing more than false rumors they started in writer discussion pages and blogs. Each are masters of intimidation and use pen names to post additional comments quickly to contradict and bury any opposing comments in their discussion boards, forums and blogs.

It has been proven that they both have knowingly posted false statements in their listings. Possibly to take vengeance on some publishers and agents that have rejected them personally or possibly for income through extortion or protection schemes as some companies have reported. Yet since they are accurate about 9 times out of 10, few writers ever become aware of their false statements, and most believe their propaganda.

Both appear to work full time obsessively to post information on the Internet to the writers community to support their vague accusations on their web site “reports” (while neither writer follows journalistic standards or convention for reporting the who, what, where, when and why facts). Working together they often begin topic threads to reinforce each others misinformation and work to publicize each of their Sci Fi novels. Both misrepresent themselves as scam busting heroes to the writers community, when in fact it is merely their platform to manipulate and deceive na├»ve writers with their own book sales and profiting schemes.

Anonymous said...

A fascinating piece of fiction you have here. For anyone who's interested in figuring out just how false the information above really is, I recommend carefully and thoroughly reading EVERYTHING posted on the Writer Beware website. Then, do a little fact checking of your own. There's quite probably sufficient information provided there to do a thorough investigation of your own.

Once you do, dear readers, I'm certain that only the most gullible of you will fall for the tripe written above.

No one's buying it, John.

Sorry. No, really, I am.

Anonymous said...

Mean people are punished by God even when the courts fail in thier duties.